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One Last Word

I forgot to talk at the end of my last post about how modeling is helpful for studying cosmology, but I have a feeling it’s pretty obvious. We basically couldn’t study cosmology without modeling because there is no way to make the cosmos in a lab.

Well this is my last post of the semester. This post is probably going to be kind of skimpy cause it’s the middle of finals. Sorry, guys.

Anyway, if you watched the Carl Sagan video of a few posts ago you may be wondering what Carl meant when he said, “If you want to make an Apple Pie from scratch you must first create the Universe!”

What was Carl talking about? Basically that all the natural elements that exist are formed in the cores of massive stars! Isn’t that amazing! And awesome, of course. In order to have all the carbon and nitrogen and oxygen it takes to make up our world if first all had to be fused out of Hydrogen and into Helium in the core of stars!

Space is a massive place, but it all started out of the same tiny compacted point, which is just all around incredible when you think about it.

A lot of people also wonder if we’re the only planet with living sentient beings. Of course no one knows and there are lots of arguments for and against “aliens.” If you’re interested you should check out SETI‘s website. It’s very informative.

Well, I guess that’s about all. It’s been fun. I would write more but I have a big Astronomy final to study for.

Here, one last chance to blow your mind:


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